A toddler discipline approach

Sometimes, it can be frustrating to realize that giving in to a toddler's whining inadvertently reinforces undesirable behavior.

❗️It teaches them that whining is an effective strategy to get what they want, undermining the importance of setting limits❗️

⚡️When faced with a whining toddler who wants a treat or more time at the park, the temptation to give in may arise, leading to the reinforcement of whining as a successful means of achieving goals.


🔺Instead of giving in, gently remind your toddler of the limit using simple language.

🔺Redirect their attention, ask for help, or provide an engaging task. 

🔺If whining persists, acknowledge their feelings and enforce a consequence, such as calmly withholding certain privileges. 

🔺Try to encourage them to spend a few minutes in a quiet place to calm down. 

This approach fosters learning and establishes effective boundaries.

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