How to reduce misbehavior?

Did you know, that focusing attention on children only when they misbehave sends the unintended message that being naughty is the surefire way to capture interest?

❗️Children instinctively seek attention, even if it's negative, as it's preferable to being ignored. This pattern can easily become unintentional❗️

💭Children, wired to maximize attention from adults, may not distinguish between positive and negative attention. Without intentional efforts, praising good behavior can take a backseat to reacting to misbehavior.


Break the cycle by consciously praising positive behavior, appreciating helpful actions. Form a habit of more praise than scolding. Dedicate face-to-face time daily for focused attention and play, reducing smartphone use. Actively engage with children and communicate transitions, making them more accepting without resorting to misbehavior.

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