We are proud to produce high quality wooden Pickler triangles from authentic Latvian plywood at our manufacturing facility in Latvia. Our products are made with precision and care using a combination of advanced CNC milling machines and skilled craftsmen. Our technical engineer trained and experienced in woodworking in Austria, we are constantly innovating and creating new designs for activity toys.

Origin of material:

Our manufacturing process begins with the selection of natural Latvian birch plywood. This choice of material ensures that each wooden triangle has a unique texture and colour. This gives our products a touch of natural beauty.

Precision CNC milling:

To achieve the highest levels of accuracy and consistency, our manufacturing process uses advanced CNC milling machines. These advanced machines allow us to create Pickler triangles and other activity toys, kid’s furniture with precise measurements and intricate details, ensuring that the final products meet the highest standards of quality.

Crafted excellence:

While we use modern technology for precision, we also value the artistry and individuality that comes with handcrafted items. Our team of skilled craftsmen give each wooden triangle a distinctive character. This meticulous handcrafting process ensures that our products have a personal touch and showcase the mastery of our craftsmen.

Freedom to personalise:

We understand the importance of giving you the freedom to express your creativity. Our Pickler triangles, activity toys, furniture can be left untreated to maintain the natural beauty of the wood, but you also have the option to apply varnish, paint or oil to customise the colour and protection of the product. This versatility allows you to create unique designs that reflect your style and preferences.

Reflecting your personality and style:

We encourage you to trust your taste and preferences when choosing the treatment for our wood triangles. This allows you to create exceptional activity toys that reflect your personality and style, making them truly unique.

With our commitment to the use of Latvian plywood, state-of-the-art CNC milling machines and skilled craftsmanship, our manufacturing process ensures the production of exceptional wooden activity toy triangles. Emphasising personalised designs and reflecting your individuality, our products are sure to enhance your interior design and provide endless joy and creativity for all ages.



Country distributor

Embrace the role of being the brand distributor in your country, supplying products to retail outlets. Engage in the search for new clients, work with existing ones, and structure the operations of sales and marketing.

Local business

Enhance your current product range by incorporating "TranaKids" products. For example, you have a kids-oriented shop, You could add our products to your range.


Our wholesale division works directly with European stores, providing
them with a wide range of CNC-machined plywood products. Our commitment to
quality and customization allows us to meet the unique needs of each store. We
offer a wide range of plywood creations.

We source our plywood from European suppliers (Latvijas Finieris), ensuring the highest quality
materials for our manufacturing process.


Our highly skilled technical engineers achieve unrivaled precision in the manufacture of plywood products using the power of CNC
milling machines. This advanced technology meets the exact specifications of
our valued European shop partners, ensuring consistent quality and detailed

Our wholesale division is a reliable source of bespoke
plywood products, with a focus on working directly with European stores.