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Welcome to the world of TRANA™ KIDS, where every baby step is filled with joy and movement!

My name is Raimonds Kokins and I'm the Founder of this family-owned Company. I am a pilot, served in the Air Force, was a multi-purpose rescue helicopter commander, then a captain in the aviation company "Ukrainian Helicopters" and worked in Africa for more than eight years. These years gave me unforgettable impressions and inspiration.

Now I have returned to my native Latvia - a country with a clean ecology, beautiful forests and lakes. Although our country is small, we have many great champions. And all this is due to the fact that in our culture sport is a part of life from childhood.

We have two children in our family and I strongly believe that education should be based on love and freedom. We create products that help children grow and develop in love and freedom, inspired by methods of Montessori, Pickler and Waldorf pedagogy.

We adapt these techniques to modern living conditions so that our products are comfortable, functional and fit in with modern interiors. Each product is handcrafted using only the highest quality Latvian birch plywood.

Our goal is not only to make quality products. We believe that children should be happy and active. We value movement and activity, so every TRANA™ KIDS product is designed to stimulate children's motor skills and help them grow up happy and full of energy.

We have chosen the LEMUR as our brand symbol. Lemurs are fun and energetic creatures, always on the move. They are an inspiration to me after my time in Africa. We want the lemur to protect children's childhood, bring them joy and fun, and inspire movement and activity.

We are proud that our slogan is "Protect Childhood" and we strive to create products that not only entertain and engage children, but also help them enjoy this unique time of life filled with joy, exercise and development.

Welcome to the world of TRANA™ KIDS, where childhood is an unforgettable adventure and the lemur is our protector of joy and movement!



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Our wholesale division works directly with European stores, providing
them with a wide range of CNC-machined plywood products. Our commitment to
quality and customization allows us to meet the unique needs of each store. We
offer a wide range of plywood creations.

We source our plywood from European suppliers (Latvijas Finieris), ensuring the highest quality
materials for our manufacturing process.


Our highly skilled technical engineers achieve unrivaled precision in the manufacture of plywood products using the power of CNC
milling machines. This advanced technology meets the exact specifications of
our valued European shop partners, ensuring consistent quality and detailed

Our wholesale division is a reliable source of bespoke
plywood products, with a focus on working directly with European stores.