How to practice with the triangle at home?

For children under 3 years of age, the triangle is only used in the presence and support of an adult. Put the triangle down, work on it and put it away. The child's safety is paramount.
The younger the child, the more often he will need breaks in the actions, because tired and muscles and the control center (brain) to analyze the circumstances and give impulses to the muscles.
We start from the lower bars and the child rises higher only as far as his strength is enough. We don't set it higher. This is his zone of development.
Helping to climb the stairs or go up the hill, we hold only one hand so that all the muscles of the body the child learns to control himself. As soon as we take him by the body, as a rule the child relaxes, hangs on our hands. At this time, work, and therefore development stops.
Divide complex actions into components.
Allow the child to repeat the same movement until the appearance of confidence in it. Sometimes the child, having climbed the first step, gets down and does so again and again. Don't force it. As soon as he is ready to climb further, he will climb on his own.
Since the triangle is at home, we can devote enough time to develop movements. Don't rush the child. As soon as he can climb on his own, you'll see. He will be unstoppable!
An important sign of success will be the child's genuine joy at what he can do!

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