A toy or sports equipment for child development?

Triangle is both! The best solution for a child from the age of 1 year.
👉 the child first learns to stand holding, then walk, then walk unsupported on surfaces with different angles of inclination, which directly affects the development of intelligence in the child.
👉 learning to climb, roll, walk on the slide helps the child to strengthen the posture and balance muscles
👉 and then the natural trainer becomes a favorite toy-slide: cars, balls and other toys as from the track go down with different speeds and trajectories. The child learns the properties of motion of different objects and just have fun!
👉 want to get a little privacy? And the triangle becomes a cozy house.
👉 and after the game is over, the triangle is simply folded up and put away behind the closet or sofa.

Triangle is the best gift for a child, which will grow with him up to 5 years old.
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